• Colombia is one of the few countries in the world that has managed to create a stable legal framework to cover the dynamic production and global demand for cannabis.


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    Privileged and fertile agricultural land with a stable 12-hour day-night rhythm throughout the year, constant supply of fresh water, highly qualified employees with experience in related agricultural areas (floriculture) and favorable electricity rates.



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    Complete vertical integration. We are licensed and maintain the following facilities:

    • Laboratory for product manufacturing from selected seeds, greenhouses/rooms for agronomic evaluation, variety characterization and plant breeding.

    • Large-scale cultivation: 100,000 m2 are currently available for cannabis cultivation in rural areas of the municipality of El Carmen de Viboral in Antioquia, Colombia.

    • Extraction laboratory with the latest technology.

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    Our team:

    • Young and qualified specialists, enthusiastic and highly motivated to achieve the set goals. Each employee has special and unique skills to bring to the table. WE ALWAYS WORK AS A TEAM.

    • Our CEO is an experienced healthcare entrepreneur.

    • We focus on the medical benefits of cannabis.

    • Flexibility and agile decision-making structures.

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    • We have more than 20 cannabis varieties that have undergone a rigorous selection process adapted to our environment and are currently in the process of registration with the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA). These varieties will be part of our unique cultivation model that optimizes yields, tolerance to pests and diseases, tolerance to tropical climate and low production costs. The result is an efficient and competitive process.

    • We have the opportunity to develop additional cultivation areas to reach capacities of more than 1 million square meters.

    • State-of-the-art extraction plant (under continuous modernization) with cutting-edge technology and GMP compliance.

    • Special research and development projects focused specifically on cannabinoids such as CBG and THCV, which have not yet been studied in depth but have high medical potential.


Our cultivation plan is strictly oriented towards certified organic cultivation. The cultivation method we use is as important as the yields. With a standardized plan combined with state-of-the-art technology, Herbasana consistently thrives to produce healthier plants and higher yields at moderate prices.

Our laboratory standardizes production and is locally GMP certified and on its way to EU GMP compliance. We work hard to make our products accessible to everyone.



    Talk to us:

    Our location:

    Ziegeleiweg 6a, D-51149 Köln, Alemania

    Calle 33 # 74 E 80, Medellín, Colombia

    Dirección de cultivo

    Finca Villa Magdalena.

    Laboratorio de Extracción

    Central de Empresas y Negocios Bodega

    No 16, Km 2 Vía Belén, Rionegro Antioquia, Colombia.

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