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Located in Carmen de Viboral, Colombia, our greenhouse facilities adopt all technical standards to guarantee fully automated system and generate the optimum microclimate for the production of cannabis plants on a pharmaceutical level.

We assure to maximize our 12-hour light cycle during the whole year. Supplemental lighting is used when necessary. All areas within the facility are controlled access, every equipment is periodically calibrated and sanitized.


Standardization of the environment and all inputs given to the plants in relation to temperature, humidity, lights wavelengths, light cycles, air movement, air exchange, carbon dioxide, nutrients. We track and control every step of the growing process.


Selected strains due to their cannabinoid and terpene profile that are later undergo through a plan breeding improvement with the sole purpose to adapt them to our environment. The agricultural team executes total control over everything that happens with the cannabis plants always focusing on genetics resistance towards biotic and abiotic stress which characterizes tropical climates like Colombia.


The cultivation plan is based on an organic certified objective. These organic programs are constantly tailored to individual strains with proper consulting to maximize each strain’s unique potential and free of chemicals.


One of the benefits of using a soil-drip system is the water savings. Generally, drip systems use up to two-thirds less water than traditional indoor, or outdoor grows,keeping costs down and conserving water.


Employees and managers are trained to ensure compliance with both local rules and regulations, employee sanitation and hygiene protocols, as well as emergency procedures.


Strict control during harvesting, drying, milling and extracting procedures to ensure that our end products meet and surpassed quality controls and guarantees accurate dosages of cannabinoids required by customers around the world.

Every cannabis product produced complies with extensive testing with in-house scientists and third-party laboratories test for potency levels as well as impurities such as microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides and aflatoxins.

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