We are a medicinal cannabis company 100% Colombian that adopts a complete vertical integration model. We compose of the following units:

  • Agronomic evaluation laboratory for genetic improvement
  • Cultivation scalable site
  • Extraction laboratory facility

Colombia is one of the few countries in the world that has managed to implement a stable legislative framework that allows scalable production to meet worldwide demand of cannabis.

Our country’s decades of experiences in other commodities like coffee, cut flowers and bananas has gained us expertise and an available qualified human resource to provide us competitive advantages over the rest of the countries in the world within this industry.

Our company is within 12 months range to reach scalable production in the beginning of 2020.

Currently we have an initial cultivation capacity of 100,000 square meters with the possibility to link up additional cultivation sites to reach over 1 million square meters of cultivation capacity.

We have an independent state of the art extract laboratory ongoing refurbishment process and implementing GMP compliances. Our extract laboratory will aim to produce premium oil extracts based on accurate dosages of cannabinoids required by customers around the world.



“Implementing standardization into medicinal cannabis and make it reachable to everyone”

Constant research of medicinal cannabis derivatives and treatments using simple and accurate delivery methods. (tablets, patches, oils, soft gels, etc.)


Colombia’s cannabis regulation framework provided our country the grand opportunity to become a major player in the newly formed cannabis industry in the world. Combining the recent legal stability along with outstanding favorable climate conditions and a wide availability of competitive and top qualified human resource, results in the right context to achieve major
competitive advantages in terms of quality and costs of cannabis compared with the rest of the world.

Considering the previous analysis, our founding members joined up, seized the opportunity and created a vertically integrated medicinal cannabis company called HERBASANA S.A.S with one main objective: create benefits to patients through medicinal cannabis and make it reachable to everyone who needs it.

Our founding team members have decades of experience in the healthcare industry in Colombia and abroad on both provider (hospitals and clinics) and supplier side (medical devices and pharmaceuticals). This experience provides us a competitive unique edge in order to steer the company to comply with the strictest medicinal standards and patient wellbeing required by international authorities.

Our company is currently under due diligence process and has 100,000 square meters capacity for grow for both psychoactive and non-psychoactive (< 1% THC) cannabis.

The past 2 years we have formed a team of specialists, each one with a unique set of skills and working together to research genetic improvement methods to produce proper optimum strains cannabis to be duly registered in Colombia Institute of Agriculture. These strains that are capable to comply with the strictest quality standards for agronomical and phytochemical evaluation. At the same time, we have worked to develop a unique and efficient cultivation model based on implementing the highest technology to control all environmental factors and achieving the high yields with efficient practices of cultivation management, always under the focus of organic agriculture and GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES.

In addition, a state of the art extraction laboratory facility with top end technology and GMP compliance have already started refurbishment process.


Implementing standardization and accuracy in dosages of each of the cannabinoids is a requirement to achieve a medicinal approach for any cannabis based treatment pathology. Our company HERBASANA S.A.S has set this objective to offer standardization in its analytical and validation methods duly GMP certified to guarantee the same amount of active ingredients on each of its products using simple delivery methods. (tablets, patches, oils, etc.)


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